Organic Matcha Powder and Chocolate Set - Matcha Oishii
Mother's Day Matcha Gift Set - Matcha Oishii

Organic Matcha Powder and Chocolate Set

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Organic Matcha Powder Chocolate Set is perfect to gift for yourself, or simply to surprise a matcha lover.

This organic matcha powder set contains:

This matcha set is perfect because it has the purest Matcha to drink, the best matcha to make delicious creations, and a delicious matcha chocolate crafted by a top chocolatier.

All of these to delight any palate, boost matcha's health benefits every day and give some love!

This Matcha gift set is really the perfect gift, as it is already wrapped and packed, just for you to spread matcha love. Perfect matcha gift for the holiday season!

Don't take long, as we have limited quantities, and these go fast!