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Matcha Gift Set - Matcha Oishii
Matcha Christmas - Matcha Oishii

Matcha Gift Set Ceremonial

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We could not be happier to share these matcha essentials with you!

Our exclusive Japanese Matcha Gift Set Ceremonial is perfect for you to enjoy and pamper yourself or to gift to a loved one for a birthday, anniversary, the holidays, or just because you want to spread matcha love. 

This matcha gift set ceremonial includes our Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha which comes straight from a small family farm in Uji, Japan to your cup. Being awarded the Best and Highest Quality of Organic Matcha available in Japan. 

This Matcha Gift Set Ceremonial Includes:

  • One 30gr tin of Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Oishii, the highest quality of organic matcha available in Japan, perfect to sip with water as it leaves a sweet after taste
  • One handmade 100-prong matcha whisk chasen to mix your matcha powder to perfection
  • One matcha bamboo scoop chashaku to serve just the right amount of matcha powder
  • An instruction card with exact preparation details on how to make the best Matcha Oishii in the traditional Japanese way, just like it is done in the Japanese tea ceremony
  • Your set comes all packaged in an elegant matcha gift wrapping paper and decorated with a ribbon to spread matcha love the right way! 

We created this special matcha gift set ceremonial for you to share with those seeking the perfect gift or simply to celebrate your love for good quality matcha. Perfect matcha gift for the holiday season!