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Matcha Latte Gift Set - Matcha Oishii
Matcha Latte Gift Set - Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte Gift Set

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Matcha Latte Gift Set, perfect to share with a matcha latte lover!

Do you enjoy creamy matcha lattes with a natural sweet after taste? Or do you want to gift matcha latte love with a loved one? Then this is the right set for you!

Our Premium Organic Classic Grade Matcha Oishii is the perfect ingredient to make the most delicious matcha lattes. Our Organic Classic grade matcha comes straight from a small family farm in Uji, Japan, to be enjoyed in a gorgeous green matcha latte with a touch of regular or plant-based milk. 

This Matcha Latte Gift Set Includes:

  • An instruction card with preparation details to prepare the best matcha latte 

We created this special matcha latte gift set for all matcha latte lovers who appreciate good quality matcha without any fillers, sugars, or additives, just 100% pure organic matcha powder straight from the farm to this beautiful matcha gift set. Perfect matcha gift for the holiday season!