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Matcha Pound Cake - Matcha Oishii
Japanese Matcha Cake - Matcha Oishii

Japanese Matcha Cake

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This Japanese matcha cake is perfect if you love matcha, but it is also great if you are new to matcha or want to share it with people that are new to the taste of matcha green tea.

Each bite of this Japanese matcha cake is moist and buttery and it just melts in your mouth.

Our matcha cake is really delicious and is perfect to share it with your favorite people, matcha lover friends, family or simply to enjoy by yourself.

This matcha cake can give you up to 12 slices for you to enjoy and comes well wrapped and in a box. 

Japanese matcha cake is made with our organic Matcha Oishii powder and using the highest quality of baking ingredients. We are sure you will love it.





*contains eggs, flour and butter

**Will be shipped within 2 days