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Green Tea Chocolate - Matcha Oishii
Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Spoon - Matcha Oishii
White Chocolate Matcha Latte - Matcha Oishii

Matcha Latte Choco Spoon

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Matcha Latte has never been cooler! Our Matcha Latte Choco Spoon is ready for you to enjoy in hot milk or simply to have it slowly bite by bite! 

Simply warm up your favorite regular or plant milk and stir your White Chocolate Matcha Latte Choco Spoon thoroughly. In a matter of minutes, you can enjoy a creamy and sweet matcha latte and indulge yourself with the amazing flavor created by a Top Chocolatier in The Netherlands, French chocolate, and our Premium Matcha Oishii from Uji, Japan!

Don’t tell... but this is our Founder’s favorite treat! White Chocolate Matcha Latte made with Matcha Oishii!