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Matcha Starter Gift Set
Matcha Starter Gift Set
Matcha Starter Gift Set

Matcha Starter Gift Set

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Matcha Starter Gift Set, the perfect essential accessories!

New to Matcha? We are happy to share these matcha must-have accessories with you!

Our Starter Matcha Gift Set is perfect for you if you are new to Matcha and want to enjoy Matcha in the traditional way, just like it is done in the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

This Matcha Starter Gift Set makes the perfect gift for the holiday season, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, or simply to enjoy every cup of excellent matcha sip by sip while pampering yourself knowing you're drinking the very best organic matcha from Uji, Japan.

This matcha starter gift set includes our Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha which comes straight from Uji, Japan, direct from the source, a small family farm, holding the Highest Quality of Organic Matcha available in Japan. 

This Matcha Starter Gift Set Includes:

  • One 30gr tin of Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Oishii, the highest quality of organic matcha available in Japan, great to drink only with water as it leaves an amazingly mellow and sweet after taste
  • One Handmade Matcha Bowl handcrafted in ceramic with the right thickness to conduct heat the proper way, in turquoise color, our newest limited edition chawan
  • One matcha bamboo scoop chashaku to measure the right amount of matcha powder in every cup
  • An instruction card with exact preparation details showing how to make matcha just like in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony
  • These comes all wrapped in elegant matcha gift wrapping paper and decorated with a green ribbon to make this gift set perfect

This set is perfect if you want to sip high-quality organic matcha just like it is meant to be sipped... from a chawan matcha tea bowl!