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Premium Classic Grade Matcha Tea – 100 gram

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Classic Grade Matcha Tea Premium, our ally for the most delicious matcha recipes!

Do you simply love Matcha green tea? We have been there... that is why we share our secret: Matcha Oishii Premium Classic Grade Matcha Tea.

A 100 gr bag of Matcha Oishii pure premium classic grade matcha tea powder from Uji, with the same health benefits as the Ceremonial matcha, the classic grade matcha tea powder is generally intended for cooking and baking. Matcha Oishii, a premium blend, is also suitable for lattes, smoothies, and pretty much culinary matcha creations! Let your creativity be the limit! Test our premium classic grade matcha tea in the kitchen or check out some of our recipes!

Your premium classic grade Matcha Oishii comes air-tight and vacuum-packed from Uji, Japan! Your matcha will preserve its freshness longer, thanks to our resealable bag, which allows you to store your opened matcha green tea powder. 

Do you know there are matcha breakfast bowls, matcha cookies, matcha salad dressings, matcha cocktails, and even matcha detox masks... It is truly amazing all the ways you can blend this powerfully healthy matcha tea into your life.

Matcha Oishii's premium taste offers versatility to Matcha allowing you to incorporate it in your lifestyle and enjoy the multiple matcha health benefits. Our premium classic grade matcha tea's quality will bring a vibrant and beautiful verdant coloring to your table, and a delicious taste to your culinary creations!

Goes excellently with regular and alternative milk, ginger, chocolate, honey... Check out our blog for more ideas and delicious recipes!!