Matcha Breakfast Bowl

Matcha Breakfast Bowl is a favorite among our recipes! We're sure you will love it too!

One of our favorite matcha recipes is without a doubt matcha breakfast bowl.

Matcha breakfast bowl is an amazing way to start your day just the right way, healthy and giving you lots of energy and fueling your body with lots of antioxidants, after all, high-quality matcha is filled with antioxidants, and matcha ranks at the top in the antioxidant capacity of all foods in the world!

Matcha Breakfast Bowl - Matcha Oishii

What we love about this matcha breakfast bowl recipe is that it is really quick and easy to prepare, and it helps you not to skip breakfast and really start your day with a healthy and filling nutritious breakfast. 

The best about this matcha yogurt bowl is that you can personalize your it as you prefer with the toppings that you like the most!

For this matcha yogurt bowl, we used bananas, blueberries, pistachios, cacao nibs, and kiwi, but you can use any nuts, seeds or fruits, to make it your very own version of matcha goodness!

Matcha Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Servings: 1-2 servings 

Prep time: 5 min

Total time: 5 min

Matcha Breakfast Bowl Recipe - Matcha Oishii


1/2 Tbsp of Organic Matcha Oishii

1 Cup of Greek Yogurt or Plant Yogurt of your choice, coconut works great

1/2 tsp Agave Syrup if you want to add a sweet touch

Fruits of your choice

A handful of nuts

Your favorite seeds

Get your Matcha powder for this recipe here!



Add 1/2 Tbsp of Organic Matcha Oishii matcha powder to 1 cup of Greek yogurt or plant-based yogurt and then add 1/2 tsp of Agave syrup if you like.

Mix your matcha yogurt until everything is well incorporated. 

Serve in your favorite bowl and top with the fruits, nuts, seeds of your choice, as you prefer.

Matcha Yogurt Bowl Recipe - Matcha Oishii

How are you topping yours? Share your ideas with us!