Finest Japanese Tea: From an Award-Winning 165-year-old Family Farm in Uji, Japan to Your Cup

Premium, Organic, First-Harvest

Six Generations of Farm-to-cup Tea Craftsmanship

Small Batch, Exquisite Taste from Ancient Uji Terroir

Shade-Grown, Nutrient Rich

Get Mental Clarity & Revitalize with Every Sip


Ideal for Drinking

Our award winning Matcha. Highest Quality of Organic Ceremonial Matcha in Japan (we mean it).

Delicate flavor, natural sweetness in aftertaste. Best to drink pure with water as tea, or latte. This Matcha is simply amazing!

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Ideal for Mixing

Organic Premium Matcha. A true gift for any matcha lover and your best ally in the kitchen!

Fully-bodied flavor with a light hint of sweetness. Intended for cooking and baking. Great for mixing in your culinary matcha creations! 

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Why matcha oishii?

Because YOU Deserve The Best

Award-Winning tea which has been served at the Imperial house in Japan

First-Harvest only

Small batches from 6 generation family farm in Uji, Japan

Organic 100% pure green tea, no sugars or any other ingredients

How to Buy Good Quality Matcha Oishii Green Tea - Matcha Oishii

Health Benefits of Our Matcha

Our matcha is rich in L-Theanine, a powerful aminoacid which gives you long lasting energy without jitters.

Enhances your mood, promotes focus and a sense of calm.

Promotes immune support due to our very high level of antioxidants and chlorophyll, protects your cells from oxidation, preventing aging and skin damage.

Matcha Powder - Matcha Oishii

Europe's Favorite Farm-to-Cup Matcha

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 300+ 5-Star Reviews

Make your own Japanese tea ceremony at home

Breathe in the scent, the tang, the clarity of pure matcha.

Matcha Tea Ceremony Set