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Matcha Oishii…from a small town in Mexico, to a boarding school in Switzerland, to a roommate from Japan…

Matcha Oishii put down roots decades ago, when a Japanese girl in a Swiss boarding school introduced her Mexican roommate (me!) to the Japanese culture. I studied Japanese, moved to Japan, and fell in love – with the people, the food, but most of all with Japan’s culture, including the legendary Japanese Tea Ceremony, which has been treasured in Japan for more than a thousand years.

The tea ceremony in Japan goes back to the 9th Century, and the unique and celebrated matcha green tea ceremony is much more than just a drink. It’s the experience of a culture and a tradition more than a millennium old…understanding our place in the present, clearing the mind, embracing mindfulness.

Matcha Oishii About Us

Since school, I’ve worked for an Embassy and a University in Tokyo, startups in Mexico and the Netherlands, HP in Barcelona…but had trouble getting genuine matcha tea outside Japan, especially the legendary Ceremonial grade. Cheaper versions from China, or teas not shade-grown or stone-milled, yes. But the benefits weren’t the same (nor the taste).

Once I experienced authentic matcha in Japan, learned how the tea is cultivated, and developed a talent to recognize matcha quality, experienced the legendary Japanese Tea Ceremony…I was caught for life. I found after drinking matcha that my mood improved, I had more clarity and ability to concentrate, and (side benefit!) my skin was utterly radiant.

Now I’ve left corporate life to work with a Japanese friend whose family owns an exclusive tea farm in Uji, Japan (a region known for cultivating the best teas in the world), and to introduce this experience to you!

Matcha Oishii About Us

As they would say in Japan, いらっしゃいませ! (irasshaimase!) Welcome to Matcha Oishii !!!