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Matcha Tea Ceremony Set
Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

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This Matcha Tea Ceremony Set contains everything you need to whisk the tastiest Matcha, just like in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony!

Our Matcha Tea Ceremony Set includes:

  • A 30 gr tin of Premium Ceremonial grade 100% organic matcha from Uji, Japan
  • A handmade Bamboo Matcha Whisk 100 prong chasen
  • A bamboo Matcha Spoon (Chashaku) handmade in Japan
  • A ceramic handmade Matcha Tea Bowl Chawan made by a local artisan in Kyoto, Japan
  • A Black Matcha Whisk Holder Kusenaoshi 
  • A preparation card with instructions on how to prepare Matcha in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony way

    We created this very special matcha tea ceremony set for you! 

    This premium matcha tea set is for those seeking to get into matcha harmony as a beginner with a starter matcha tea set, or for those who aim to master their ceremonial matcha tea ceremony art.

    We want you to share your Matcha love with others!

    This is why this Matcha tea set is the perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries, special occasions or simply a unique holiday. 

    The truth is that this Premium Japanese Organic Matcha Tea Ceremony Set is the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends, or simply to treat yourself to simply the best! Take your set everywhere as it comes in the perfect eco-friendly bag to go with you anywhere. 

    That is how we, at Matcha Oishii share our love for the perfect matcha with you, and for you to share with others! 

    A perfect way to enjoy the traditional Japanese tea ceremony ritual just like they have been doing in Japan for almost a thousand years!  










    *Please understand the actual colors from the bowl may vary slightly, due to the colors displayed from your monitor. Bowl not dishwasher safe, not suitable for extreme temperature changes, otherwise it can get damaged. Please do not use harsh soap as it will damage the product.