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Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha – 30 gram
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Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha – 30 gram

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This premium organic ceremonial grade matcha is the treasure among the exclusive matcha teas – the only tea used for almost a century in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

This 30gr tin of premium 100% Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha tea JAS certified, from Japan’s Uji growing region (known for the finest quality teas), is finely milled into the most delicate powder. Because this tea is 100% shade-grown, first-harvest, and stone-milled on a traditional family farm, it is premium quality. This is the highest quality of Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha that there is in Uji, Japan. 

In the past, only emperors and the highest levels of Japanese society tasted premium quality matcha. Now you can enjoy in the Matcha Oishii Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha the umami of this more mellow flavor, with the natural tang of matcha, softened by a sweet aftertaste so it can be mixed with water alone. 

Our Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha comes straight from the Ogura region in Uji, Japan. Birthplace of matcha and Japanese tea ceremony. We bring you this exclusive matcha straight from a family farm whose farmers we have known intimately for years, ensuring you the highest quality of organic matcha available in Japan. 



*Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS)