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Matcha Whisk Holder - Matcha Oishii
Matcha Whisk Holder - Kusenaoshi

Matcha Whisk Holder - Kusenaoshi

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Matcha whisk holder ? Yes, please! This fantastic ceramic Matcha whisk holder (or Kusenaoshi) in black holds your Chasen whisk so it keeps the classic shape and retains the perfect whisking stiffness. 

Once you use your Chasen or bamboo Matcha whisk, you should let it air dry, and the best way to retain its perfect shape is by placing it on the Kusenaoshi.

By taking proper care of your Matcha whisk you ensure more frothy matchas when you prepare them!

This is why Matcha Oishii's Ceramic Matcha Whisk Holder is the perfect piece for your bamboo Matcha tea whisk! 

Chasen matcha whisk sold separately.