Cherry Blossom Lemonade Sakura

Cherry blossom lemonade sakura is the perfect beverage for spring. The weather gets warmer, the sun shines more and lemonade is surely a great idea to calm your thirst. 

Adding sakura cherry blossom to your refreshing lemonade is a fantastic idea. Because, the color of the pretty pink lemonade is really nice when serving with a couple of slices of lemon, and also, the flavor of our cherry blossom powder gives it a super fresh and unique taste which is hard to resist during spring.

Having a sip of pink sakura cherry blossom lemonade is super refreshing and it is really pretty when served in a full pitcher, really mesmerizing and tasty. Plus, did you know that cherry blossom is loaded with vitamins and minerals? Especially good for your skin?

Cherry Blossom Lemonade Sakura - Matcha Oishii

Ready to have the prettiest lemonade of all? This pink cherry blossom lemonade sakura is really easy to make and it will only take minutes before it is ready for you to taste it, share with your loved ones, and refresh this spring.


Servings:  1 

Prep time:   5 min                                                                                            

Total time:  5 min


2 Tbsp sugar

1/4 Cup hot water

1 1/2 lemons, only the juice

3/4 Cup of water 

ice cubes

2 tsp Sakura Cherry Blossom Powder by Matcha Oishii

Get your Sakura powder for this recipe here! 



1. The most important steps of this pink lemonade recipe are to dissolve the sugar and sakura powder. Grab the hot water and make sure you dissolve very well the sugar and the cherry blossom, until they have no lumps and they are completely incorporated and perfectly smooth liquid.

2. Once you have dissolved the sakura and sugar, reserve, and mix the rest of the ingredients. So, squeeze the juice of the lemons, and pour into your favorite pitcher or glass. Pour in the rest of the ingredients.

3. Finally, add the previously prepared cherry blossom sugar mix.

4. Make sure you stir your cherry blossom lemonade sakura nicely, so that the flavor is evenly distributed and it all tastes nicely.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Lemonade - Matcha Oishii

This refreshing pink cherry blossom lemonade sakura tastes amazing when drinking just like that, but it also goes perfectly well with a nice piece of sakura cherry blossom cheesecake if you fancy something sweet and tasty!