Handmade Ceramic Matcha Tea Bowl Gyo
Handmade Ceramic Matcha Tea Bowl Gyo

Handmade Ceramic Matcha Tea Bowl Gyo

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  • Hand-crafted Matcha Bowl 
  • Limited Edition
  • Made especially to hold the right temperature for your Matcha

Our handmade ceramic matcha tea bowl Gyo is a piece that portrays the concept of Wabi-Sabi and Japanese simplicity at its best. 

The little dots that highlight the white contrast and its perfect roundness make it perfect to display at home, as a present, and to complement your Japanese tea ceremony experience.

Our Gyo matcha tea bowl is a classic in our unique Limited Edition Chawan Collection.

Each Gyo handcrafted matcha tea bowl or Chawan is created from ceramic by a local artisan in Kyoto, Japan.

Every chawan matcha tea bowl in the Matcha Oishii collection is distinct and limited edition. 

A Matcha Chawan needs a special thickness to ensure the tea does not get too hot (to preserve the matcha’s flavor by ensuring it is not burnt). We use Japanese ceramic because it is the perfect material to both enhance the flavor and retain heat.

This is were the skills of a Japanese artisan from Kyoto come to life to ensure you experience your matcha journey in the most authentic and pure way, just like people do in Japan. 

A handmade ceramic matcha tea bowl is perfect to whisk your matcha and have no clumps on it, it complements perfectly your bamboo matcha whisk!

Our Gyo matcha chawan will soon become your favorite too, but don't take too long because they run fast once they are in stock!








*Please understand that the actual colors from the bowl may vary slightly, due to the colors displayed from your monitor, and that all bowls are different because they are handmade.

*Not dishwasher safe. Not suitable for extreme temperature changes otherwise it can get damaged. Please do not use harsh soap as it will damage the product.