How to Prepare Iced Matcha Tea

How to prepare iced matcha tea is one of the questions that we get asked often. The answer is quite simple. So, please find in here the recipe for the best iced matcha tea recipe.

Iced matcha tea is one of the most delicious and refreshing drinks that you can have during a warm day, or simply if you are feeling like having something to cool you down. How to prepare iced matcha tea during the summer is not difficult and is a recipe that you will want to keep at hand!

How to Prepare Iced Matcha Tea - Matcha Oishii

The key to preparing a good iced matcha tea is to have excellent matcha powder, as you will only drink it with water, all of the flavor and character of the matcha tea powder will come out in this iced matcha preparation.

Therefore, it is very important to get the highest quality of matcha powder that you can. Some things that you can look for when purchasing good quality matcha is, the color and the texture, but there are many other ways to recognize how to buy good quality matcha in this article.

How to prepare iced matcha tea? Well, let's get to that!


Servings:  1 

Prep time:   2 min                                                                                            

Total time:  2 min



250ml Water, room temperature
1 tsp organic Matcha Oishii powder
Ice Cubes
(optional: vanilla syrup)

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1. Start by placing your Chawan matcha tea bowl in the refrigerator beforehand, if possible. If you did not do this, do not worry, you can do this step the next time, or just skip this step if you prefer. 

2. Add 2 tp 4 scoops with your Chashaku bamboo scoop or 1/2 to 1 tsp of Organic Matcha Oishii powder to your Chawan. Depending, on how strong you like your iced matcha tea to be. You can start by adding less, and work your way up, or find how much matcha powder you should add to your tea bowl according to your taste preference.

3. Run your Chasen matcha bamboo whisk under water or soak it in water for a couple of seconds, otherwise the prongs will break. 

4. Add a few drops of water to your chawan matcha tea bowl, and with the chasen bamboo whisk softly start to make a thick matcha paste, dissolving the powder with the water that you have added. The matcha paste should look like this.

How to Prepare Matcha Tea at Home - Matcha Oishii

5. Then, add about 40ml of room temperature water, and whisk rapidly, without touching the bottom of the bowl (otherwise the prongs of your Chasen will break), do this first in an "i" shape, front to back quickly, and then in an "m" shape to smoothen the big bubbles and create small bubbles. This will result in a thick layer of top foam. 

6. Add the rest of the water. You can decide to add your favorite milk instead if you prefer to make a matcha latte instead. 

7. Add 2-3 ice cubes to your iced matcha tea and enjoy the tastiest iced matcha tea.

8. Do not forget to rinse your Chasen bamboo whisk and place on top of the kusenaoshi whisk holder so it dries properly and it retains its shape.

9. You can decide to optionally add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of vanilla syrup to give it a sweeter taste, but our Organic Matcha Oishii is sweet enough on it's own, naturally. 

Iced Matcha Tea Recipe - Matcha Oishii 

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