Matcha Latte Recipe Iced

Matcha latte recipe iced that will become your to-go matcha latte recipe, because honestly we have tried soooo many matcha latte recipes before, but believe us when we tell you that this IS the best matcha latte recipe ever!

What is great about high quality matcha is that is filled with antioxidants and the very powerful L-Theanine, which helps the body break matcha's caffeine throughout the day, hence giving you long lasting sustained energy without jitters.

The truth is that starting the day with a cup of matcha latte or making this delicious matcha latte recipe iced, is amazing because it not just tastes delicious but the health benefits of matcha are numerous!

Matcha green tea powder is energy boosting, mind focusing, detoxing, anti-aging, skin repairing and did you know that matcha even helps produce endorphins which are responsible for our happy mood? 

Matcha Latte Recipe Iced - Matcha Oishii


Servings:  1 

Prep time:   2 min                                                                                            

Total time:  2 min 


50ml Water, at 75-80°C

1 to 1.5tsp Organic Matcha Powder, Matcha Oishii, depends on how strong you like your matcha latte

200ml Milk, regular milk is perfect but we also absolutely love oat milk

1 tsp Vanilla Syrup or Agave Syrup (this can be optional, but we highly recommend it if you feel like having a sweeter kind of latte)

1 Cup Ice Cubes, to make this matcha latte recipe iced

Get your Matcha for this recipe here!




1. Add 1 to 1.5 tsp of Organic Matcha Oishii powder to your Chawan matcha tea bowl or simply to a jar where you can place a lid tightly, to then shake it vigourosly. 

2. Pour in the water, we recommend using hot water, but you can use cold water too. Our Matcha Oishii is so fine, that it will dissolve perfectly too!

3. If you are using a whisk, whisk your matcha powder until it has nice froth on top. Otherwise, if you are using the bottle shaker method, simply, close your jar tighly and shake until the matcha powder is well incorporated and you do not see any lumps, it should take seconds.

4. Once that your Matcha Oishii is prepared, now it is time to make the most delicious and best matcha latte recipe iced ever! So, pour in the ice cubes in a cup.

5. Add the milk. We love using oat milk because it has natural sweetness, but any milk is great!

6. Pour in the agave or vanilla syrup.

7. Finally, add the previously prepared matcha!

Best Matcha Latte Recipe Iced - Matcha Oishii

This is it, the best matcha latte recipe ever! We are sure that you will love this matcha recipe as much as we do. And, let us tell you a secret... This is the to-go recipe of our Founder! So, you can't go wrong when following this matcha latte recipe iced, cheers!