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Matcha Wholesale Matcha Oishii


Are you a cafe, restaurant, bakery, bubble tea shop, or want to carry Matcha Oishii? Please get in touch with Matcha Oishii.

We believe in long-term partnerships and take great pride in our relationships we build with each customer. 

Would you please tell us a little about your business in the form below. At the moment, we only work with established businesses that are up and running. 

At Matcha Oishii we deeply care about how we source and produce our matcha green tea, and we are proud to share with you the highest quality of organic matcha from Uji, Japan.

We are proud partners with some of the best cafes and restaurants in Europe and the Americas.

We would love to share our pure matcha with you and pass on a thousand-year-old Japanese tradition of matcha green tea. 

Have a Matchastic day!