Bamboo Matcha Scoop Chashaku

Bamboo Matcha Scoop Chashaku

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  • One single piece of hand-carved Japanese bamboo 
  • Measure the perfect amount for your Matcha drink or recipes
  • Get the serving of your matcha right every time

Getting the right amount of matcha powder has its art! That is why this bamboo matcha spoon or chashaku is perfect, because it helps you get the perfect measure for your matcha tea or matcha recipes. 

A handmade Japanese bamboo matcha spoon or bamboo matcha scoop is very useful as one scoop is approximately 1 gram, helping you measure the perfect amount of matcha. 

The chashaku bamboo matcha spoon is the perfect way to measure your matcha powder for your tea!

This bamboo matcha scoop holds approximately 1 gram or ¾ of a teaspoon of Matcha, and is 18cm long.

No need to worry anymore about how to measure the amount of your matcha anymore! After having this matcha bamboo scoop you will simply get your matcha amount right!

Experiment the Japanese tea ceremony tradition with this handcrafted bamboo matcha scoop and get your matcha right. A must-have in the collection of every matcha afficionado!