Pouring Chawan Matcha Bowl - Matcha Oishii
Pouring Chawan Matcha Bowl Handmade Kichi

Pouring Chawan Matcha Bowl Handmade Kichi

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Our beautiful Pouring Chawan Matcha Bowl Handmade is gorgeous to pour your matcha green tea on top of milk, or a different glass or cup. Or simply, to drink from.

Our pouring chawan is handcrafted in Kyoto, Japan by an artisan that makes sure that your matcha tea bowl is the right thickness not to burn your tea and that it is from the right materials.

This ceramic pouring matcha bowl is easy to grab as it has a special form for your fingers to suit the bowl just the right way.

All our handmade matcha bowls are limited edition, and unique. 

Our pouring chawan is perfect to enjoy your matcha or also to give as a gift. A new favorite in our matcha bowls collection.

*Not dishwasher safe. Not suitable for extreme temperature changes otherwise it can get damaged. Please do not use harsh soap as it will damage the product.