5 Reasons to Drink Matcha

5 reasons to drink matcha to become healthier this year!

Matcha green tea has been consumed in Japan since the 12th Century, and no wonder why Japanese people have a life expectancy of 84 years! Not to say that it is only due to consuming matcha, but it certainly does help.

Matcha green tea powder is not only the most sacred tea in the Japanese tea ceremony, but it is incredibly healthy. There are many reasons to drink matcha because it has many health benefits of Matcha, but to make it short, matcha is rich in minerals, vitamins and properties to boost your health.

Reasons to Drink Matcha - Matcha Oishii

 What's really important to mention is that matcha powder is such an amazing food, that you can not only drink it, but also eat it. So, if you are not a big fan of warm tea, you can use it in so many other ways and still benefit from it!

Here are some ideas on how to use matcha powder for you to boost your health.

Some amazing ideas to consume matcha include:

1. Adding 1/2 Tbsp to your daily yogurt for breakfast.

2. Add 1/2 Tbsp in your morning smoothie.

3. Make matcha overnight oats, or add 1 Tbsp of matcha to your porridge.

Checkout our matcha recipe blog to get more ideas on how to incorporate matcha in your diet. 

Reasons to Drink Matcha Green Tea - Matcha Oishii


5 Reasons to Drink Matcha  

Here are the top 5 reasons to drink matcha every day, or incorporate it into your diet.

1. Matcha is Antioxidant Rich

One of the best reasons to drink matcha is that High quality Matcha is rich in antioxidants. In the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale, matcha is at the top, surpassing all sorts of berries, green leafy vegetables and even nuts. 

The antioxidants in matcha are in its majority polyphenols, EGCG in particular, which is the most powerful antioxidant type. This helps your body to:

- Keep a strong immune system

- Slow your body's process of aging

- Keep a healthy circulatory system 

Among many more


Matcha Antioxidants - Matcha Oishii

2. Matcha Detoxes and Cleanses Your Body

We love this health benefit of matcha amongst all of the reasons to drink matcha! Matcha is enormously rich in chlorophyll, much more than any other tea, and chlorophyll is antioxidant rich too. Protecting your skin against the free radicals, but also helping your body flush out toxins that you no longer need. 

Matcha also improves your digestion, helping your body cleanse and detox naturally.

Matcha Detox - Matcha Oishii

3. Matcha Gives You Sustained Energy and Focus

Matcha green tea powder is rich in L-theanine. L-theanine is probably one of the reasons to drink matcha in the first place! This magical compound found in matcha allows your body to release the energy of matcha slowly during the day, thus giving you sustained long lasting energy for about 6 hours daily, without any jitters.

Not only matcha gives you energy, but it is so incredible that matcha has also the power of calming your mind and promoting focus. 

Matcha Minerals - Matcha Oishii

4. Matcha Makes You Happy

Our favorite out of all the reasons to drink matcha! Matcha makes you happy! Yes, matcha has the ability to enhance your mood and fight depression. The very high amount of L-theanine contained in matcha tea can alter the amount of dopamine and serotonin in your brain, thus making you become happier. Just like when you exercise! 

Matcha Makes You Happy - Matcha Oishii

5. Matcha Helps You Lose Weight

Matcha is rich in EGCG, and this has been known for boosting not only your metabolism, but also, for burning fat cells. Thus, aiding you with your weight loss. So, incorporating matcha into your daily diet is a great option to support your weight loss plan. 

Matcha Aids Weight Loss - Matcha Oishii

Are you ready to incorporate Matcha into your life?! Because Matcha is ready to do good to your body!