Watermelon Matcha Iced Tea

Watermelon matcha iced tea is a colorful and healthy drink!

There’s nothing better than a colorful and refreshing drink to cheer for a sunny day or simply to bring some color to your day!

Watermelon and Matcha Oishii go great together and they’re both visually amazingly appealing, the bright green of our matcha powder and the red color of the watermelon juice make this watermelon matcha iced tea an excellent way to eat healthily and pretty too.

This watermelon matcha smoothie is quite quick to make and you only need 4 ingredients: watermelon, Matcha Oishii powder, Ice, and Water.


Watermelon Matcha Iced Tea - Matcha Oishii

Watermelon Matcha Iced Tea Recipe

Servings: 1 cup

Prep time: 5 min

Total time: 5 min


1 tsp Organic Matcha Oishii 

2 cups watermelon without seeds previously cut into small pieces

1/2 cup cold water

Half a cup of ice cubes

Get your Matcha for this recipe here




Add the watermelon cubes (seeded) to your blender until it’s smooth and liquidy.

Then add 1tsp of Matcha Oishii organic green tea powder to a cristal jar.

Add 1/2 a cup of cold water, close tightly, and shake the jar until the Matcha is well dissolved.

Pour some ice in your cup, later pour in the watermelon smoothie and finally add the bright green Matcha Oishii on top

You can also layer the watermelon matcha iced tea and it looks great too!



Enjoy our watermelon matcha iced tea recipe!