Cherry Blossom Smoothie Bowl

Cherry blossom smoothie bowl during Spring? Yes, please! Who couldn't love this beautiful, healthy and delicious recipe during the blossoming season? This matcha sakura smoothie bowl is perfect to boost your nutrients but also too pretty, to lift your spirits and start your day right.

Cherry blossom sakura is super healthy, it is filled with vitamin C and it is fantastic for the skin. It reduces redness and puffiness and boosts collagen production. So, incorporating this in a sakura smoothie bowl is not so bad after all, right? Who wouldn't want to improve the look of their skin?


Cherry Blossom Smoothie Bowl - Matcha Oishii

Additionally, the health benefits of matcha are numerous too. Giving the body long lasting sustained energy, detoxing the body, boosting the immune system, acting as anti-aging for all of the properties that it has on the skin, are just some of the amazing health benefits of matcha green tea powder.

This vitamin and mineral power nutrient is perfect to start your morning and is really delicious, quick and easy to make. This matcha cherry blossom smoothie bowl will become a spring favorite on your healthy recipe collection, no doubt about it. 


Servings:  1 

Prep time:   5 min                                                                                            

Total time:  5 min

Cherry Blossom Matcha Smoothie Bowl - Matcha Oishii


For the Sakura Cherry Blossom Smoothie Bowl:

2 tsp Sakura Cherry Blossom Powder by Matcha Oishii

1.5 frozen bananas

75ml plant based milk, oat milk works great

For the Matcha Smoothie Bowl:

1.5 frozen bananas

1 kiwi, frozen is best

75ml plant based milk, we love oat milk

2 tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder from Matcha Oishii


Get your Sakura powder and Matcha Powder for this recipe here! 



1. You are going to prepare this cherry blossom smoothie bowl in two different blends. First, you will have to blend the pink sakura smoothie bowl. For that, pour in all of your ingredients in a blender, and make sure they are all pretty well incorporated. , Don't forget to add the sakura cherry blossom powder, and blend until it is all nicely pink.

2. Reserve the cherry blossom smoothie mixture and prepare the matcha smoothie bowl. For this, add the rest of the ingredients, and the matcha green tea powder to your blender, and mix until you get an even green color and a smooth texture.

You can add a splash of extra milk if you think it needs it.

3. Now it is time to get the matcha sakura smoothie bowl on the plate. If you do not have a coconut bowl, do not worry, simply grab your favorite bowl and first pour the cherry blossom smoothie bowl on one side, and then add the matcha smoothie bowl mixture on the other side.

4. Top with fresh fruits, nuts and your favorite toppings. Hazelnut spread is suggested by Boukje, but you can add almond or peanut butter too. 

Matcha Sakura Smoothie Bowl Recipe - Matcha Oishii

This power cherry blossom smoothie is perfect to start your day, certainly delicious and ideal for Spring.