Matcha Bamboo Whisk 100 Prongs - Matcha Oishii
Matcha Bamboe Klopper 100 - Matcha Oishii

Bamboo Whisk 100 prong

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  • One single piece of hand-carved Japanese bamboo
  • 100 prongs to create perfect froth and foam in your matcha
  • Perfect to prepare the tastiest matcha, the right way
  • Ideal if you want to prepare your matcha without any clumps 
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Bamboo whisk is a piece that portrays the concept of Japanese functional beauty! 

Handmade 100-prong Japanese matcha whisk or Chasen, carved from a single piece of organic bamboo.

Our eco-friendly chasen matcha whisk will help you create the frothiest matcha and will bring out your matcha's flavor in an incomparable way. Whisking your Matcha with the bamboo whisk 100 prong creates incredible foam in your matcha, foam creates sweetness in your tea. The higher the number of prongs the better! After using our 100-prong chasen bamboo whisk, you won't be able to stop!

Perfect for whisking your matcha powder into a creamy, silky blend. The more prongs, the smoother your matcha!

The knot of your matcha bamboo whisk will blossom beautifully after use, for you to froth the tastiest matcha. Just run the prongs of your matcha bamboo whisk under hot water up to the black line and see the magic happen!

We recommend you to place your Chasen Matcha Bamboo Whisk on the Kusenaoshi Matcha Whisk Holder to keep its shape and to allow it to air dry correctly. (Sold separately).