Matcha Health Benefits for Skin

Matcha Health Benefits for Skin are so many, but

Do you want to know the best natural secret for Anti-aging?

Easy Matcha Face Mask Recipe - Matcha Oishii

Nowadays, we're often told that we must take care of our skin from the outside, applying face creams and different products. But, your skin needs to be nourished from the inside too! That is why Matcha Health Benefits for Skin is so important to know about! 

Drinking or eating high-quality Matcha Green Tea, like Matcha Oishii, can help you improve your skin appearance! And the best is that you can apply it on the skin and get the Matcha Health Benefits for Skin too! Matcha Green Tea Powder is a fantastic natural way to take care of your skin, prevent and repair skin damage.

Matcha Health Benefits for Skin are countless, but Japanese people have treasured Matcha Green Tea for its beneficial skin anti-aging properties. Matcha Health Benefits for Skin go from improving the skin condition of blemishes or acne to anti-aging and radiant, wrinkle-free skin.

Matcha Green Tea comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis, its leaves and the process that they undergo before becoming Matcha Green Tea Powder, affects directly in the quality of Tencha leaves (the name that the leaves receive when used for Matcha) and the Matcha Health Benefits for Skin. 

Matcha Green Tea Powder of good quality stores an exorbitant amount of Antioxidants when the plant is under the sun. Later, when Tencha leaves are covered, and shade inhibits direct sunlight to stop photosynthesis, an enormous amount of Amino acids gets build up in the leaves. This is why Matcha Health Benefits for Skin can be achieved.

Green Tea Fields Hand Picking - Matcha Oishii

That is also why Matcha Oishii has such a vibrant green color! So, the high amount of chlorophyll and antioxidants that Matcha contains can protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals, and reduce photo-aging = FEWER WRINKLES + FEWER AGE SPOTS, pure Matcha Health Benefits for Skin 

Matcha Health Benefits for Skin can be thanked too because Matcha is so high in antioxidants, that it not only contains 10 times more than regular green tea, but it is richer in antioxidants than blackberries, kale, and dark chocolate! That’s why Matcha Green Tea prevents the collagen from your skin of being damaged by daily toxins (pollution, chemicals, among others). Collagen is partly what keeps your skin healthy, young, elastic, and radiant.

This means that every time you drink or eat Matcha you can boost your body with antioxidants; combating free radicals, removing them from your system. Which can result in the prevention of skin cell damage and premature aging! Keep the Matcha Health Benefits for Skin coming... 

Drinking or Eating MATCHA =
Stimulation Elastin Production + Skin Elasticity + Protection from Free Radicals =
Prevents Sun Damage, Dry Skin, Age Spots, Wrinkles

In fact, you can even apply Matcha to the skin to get the Matcha Health Benefits for Skin too, as it can have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help brighten the skin and can reduce the appearance of blemishes. Thanks to epigallocatechin-3-gallate, EGCG. It can also promote rejuvenation of skin cells and leave a smoother skin thanks to the stimulation of elastin production, which can make your skin more radiant.

And how about those eye wrinkles? Well, Matcha Health Benefits for Skin don't just stop there, Matcha Green Tea Powder is packed with Vitamin K, which can promote better blood circulation; and can reduce skin inflammation, puffiness and dark under eye bags.

Easy Matcha Face Mask Recipe DIY - Matcha Oishii

Could we ask for more? All Natural product that can make your skin look younger and radiant, and on top, you can drink, eat or apply to the skin?

Well, Matcha is as good as that!

And, we have the best news! It is super easy to use! Check out our Recipe blog for some ideas on how to drink or eat your daily Matcha Oishii and boost the Matcha Health Benefits for Skin. 


Easy Matcha Face Mask Recipe 

And if you’re up for it and want to get Matcha Health Benefits for Skin by directly applying Matcha on your skin, here’s an Easy Matcha Face Mask Recipe for you to try at home! We recommend to first apply it on a smaller area and then see how your skin reacts to it!


½ tsp Premium Classic Grade Matcha Oishii

40gr bentonite clay

80ml water

Get your Matcha for this recipe here!



Add clay and water to a ceramic bowl. Stir with spoon until thick and smooth consistency. Add the Matcha and stir until it’s well combined. Apply to damp skin, avoiding eyes area. Relax and leave for 5 min. Rinse it off with warm water.

Our Premium Classic Grade Matcha is your Perfect ally for this Easy Matcha Face Mask Recipe ! 

Now that you know the great Matcha Health Benefits for Skin incorporate it in your daily routine, and get the most out of its amazing properties!