What is Hojicha

Houjicha, also spelled hojicha, is a Japanese roasted green tea. In Japanese, “Houji” (焙じ) means “roast” and “cha” (茶) means tea, put them together and you get delicious Japanese roasted green tea. 

Historically grown in Uji, Kyoto where we source all of our tea - and the birthplace of not just houjicha but also Matcha - has been consumed daily by farmers from the region for the last hundred years. Farmers rely on this tea as part of their health regimen, and they must be doing something right as they are well known for their health and longevity! 

Hojicha is made by roasting green tea leaves in a porcelain pot over charcoal, which is very unique to houjicha, as most Japanese teas are steamed. Because of its roasting process, hojicha's color changes from green to brown, and its flavor from bitter to toasty and mellow sweet. Also, hojicha becomes very low in caffeine, making it great for anyone sensitive to caffeine and perfect to enjoy during any time of the day.

Hojicha - Matcha Oishii

Matcha Oishii's organic houjicha powder has a deliciously balanced and sweet, rich and nutty flavor with caramel, cocoa notes. 

Our houjicha powder is first steamed to preserve all of the nutrients of the green tea leaves, then roasted to perfection, and finally stone-milled into the finest powder, so you can dissolve it easily, using just a spoon. 

Hojicha is very high in antioxidants and in L-theanine, a naturally-occurring compound found in green tea, that promotes relaxation (it is why tea doesn’t give you the jitters like coffee!) Between the low caffeine levels, and the high levels of L-theanine, houjicha is the perfect drink for any relaxing moment. But also, a very nourishing tea. 

In fact in Japan is often consumed in the evening as a relaxing tea. 


"Houjicha is everyday tea for us. It is enjoyed at every meal, with an afternoon snack, near bedtime, and so on"

Japanese farmer 6th generation, from Uji, Japan. 


Hojicha powder is perfect to drink as tea, but you can also enjoy it in delicious hot or iced lattes, and in delicious recipes for your everyday routine, such as hojicha chia pudding, hojicha yogurt, hojicha cookies, hojicha cake, hojicha pancakes, and so many more hojicha recipes that your imagination is the limit.

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