Health Benefits of Hojicha

Hojicha is a Japanese tea that is unlike other Japanese teas, because while the rest of the teas are steamed, the green tea leaves of hojicha are also roasted. This makes hojicha, a unique tea with a delicious taste, aroma and filled with health benefits.

What is Hojicha? 

Hojicha or houjicha, is Japanese roasted green tea that is very low in caffeine and has a unique taste. 

What Does Hojicha Taste Like?

Matcha Oishii's hojicha has a rich aroma, and a mellow, nutty, toasty flavor, with cocoa notes. Giving it a natural sweetness, and being extremely low in caffeine.

In Japan, it is not only the flavor that makes hojicha an essential tea at the Japanese households, but also the health benefits of hojicha that make it an everyday drink for many Japanese families during meals, with a snack or in the evening.

1. Very Low in Caffeine: The green tea leaves of hojicha get roasted at high temperatures, which does not affect the health benefits of houjicha, but on the contrary, it removes the bitterness of the green tea leaves and the caffeine that is available in green tea. Making hojicha an almost decaffeinated tea, because the caffeine levels that remain in hojicha after roasting are extremely low, making hojicha perfect for people who are sensitive to caffeine or simply, turning houjicha as a fantastic all day tea, even in the evening and near bed time. 

2. Promotes Relaxation, Calmness: hojicha is rich in a powerful aminoacid called L-Theanine, which helps the body and mind to relax, reduce stress and lower anxiety. That is what makes hojicha roasted green tea perfect during all times of the day, even in the evening and near bedtime, or simply to take a break during stressful moments at work, studies or while stuck in traffic! 

 3. Boosts Metabolism and Aids Digestive System: green tea contains catechins, which are then, also present in houjicha. Catechins are responsible for speeding the metabolism, which results not only in a better digestion, but also in fat burning. 

4. Anti-Aging: hojicha roasted green tea contains a high level of antioxidants, which defend the body against the free radicals, preventing sun damage, protecting the skin from pollution and other factors. But, also, helping promote elastin on the skin, helping the skin look younger. Hojicha prevents wrinkles and age spots. In short, hojicha helps the skin look and feel better. 

 5. Strengthens Immune System: one of the awesome health benefits of hojicha is that it is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is due to the polyphenols that are present in the roasted hojicha green tea that these aid the body to fight bacteria. Thus, hojicha promotes a strong immune system not just during winter but all year long. This is why it is not surprising that many Japanese families consume hojicha on a daily basis, and in fact, houjicha is an essential tea in the routine of tea farmers, they consume it every single day, without a miss.  

 6. Promotes Oral Health: hojicha promotes a healthy mouth and healthy teeth. Not just because it is antibacterial and antimicrobial due to the polyphenols contained in hojicha green tea, but also because of its antioxidants, which aid the teeth by preventing cavities and to fight bad breath. 

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