How to Brew Genmaicha with a Kyusu?

How to Brew Genmaicha with a Kyusu can sound intimidating but brewing genmaicha is actually really easy.

Genmaicha translates from Japanese as brown rice tea, and its flavor is really delicious. Normally, genmaicha is consumed as every day tea in Japan, and how to brew genmaicha is quite simple. 

How to Brew Genmaicha with a Kyusu - Matcha Oishii

Genmaicha consists of green tea and roasted brown rice, which sometimes pops in the process, that is why some people call it popcorn tea. Genmaicha tea benefits are numerous, but the most known are being very nurturing and easy on the stomach, that is why genmaicha tea is often consumed after long periods of fasting. 

Does genmaicha have caffeine? Well, because genmaicha is half green tea and half roasted rice, the amount of caffeine that genmaicha contains is very low, that is why in Japan, even babies are given genmaicha because of its health benefits.

How long to steep genmaicha and how to brew genmaicha are questions that we get all the time, that is why, we are going to tell you how to brew genmaicha with a kyusu, in the traditional Japanese way.

How to Brew Genmaicha - Matcha Oishii

How to Brew Genmaicha with a Kyusu?

The first thing that you need, in order to know how to brew genmaicha with a kyusu in the traditional Japanese method, is to own a Japanese kyusu.

If you already have a kyusu, that is perfect, as it will maintain the taste of your genmaicha tea intact. How does genmaicha taste like? Well, our genmaicha is made with first harvest sencha green tea, and brown roasted rice, giving genmaicha a buttery, nutty flavor, with notes of caramel. Genmaicha tastes very mellow and has a non astringent and non bitter taste.   

Genmaicha Steeping Instructions Using a Kyusu

    1. Heat 200 ml of water at 80°C
    2. Pour 1 and 1/2 Tbsp of Genmaicha loose leaf tea by Matcha Oishii in your Kyusu, using a loose leaf tea spoon helps a lot when measuring the amount of tea leaves that you are pouring into your kyusu
    3. Pour in the hot water on top of the organic genmaicha loose leaf tea
    4. How long to steep genmaicha? Well, you must let genmaicha steep for 1 minute
    5. Serve in your favorite cup and enjoy
    6. How many times can I use genmaicha loose leaf tea? Our organic genmaicha loose leaf tea can be brewed using the same leaves for 3 times, and still have an excellent flavor. You can let the genmaicha steep longer in the second and third use if you would like to, by adding 15 seconds extra to the genmaicha steeping instructions.

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How to Brew Genmaicha Tea - Matcha Oishii

Steeping genmaicha tea instructions are easy and take minutes, so don't be overwhelmed by the thought of it, because brewing genmaicha is quite simple. 

What happens if you do not have a Japanese kyusu to brew your tea? Well, you can always use a regular teapot to brew your genmaicha! Please check How to brew genmaicha using a teapot to get more details about it.