How to Prepare Matcha Tea

How to Prepare Matcha Tea?

How to Prepare Matcha Tea

Want to Make Matcha Tea in usucha thin Japanese tea ceremony way?

Making traditional Japanese Matcha can sound intimidating, but it really can be quite simple if you have the right matcha tea set accessories and are willing to try! So, how to prepare matcha tea? Well... that is really a lot easier than you think!

Have a look at our video and instructions on how to prepare matcha tea and get ready to prepare your own tea ceremony at home! 

How to Prepare Matcha Tea - Matcha Oishii


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How to Make Matcha Tea Your Own Tea Ceremony

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How to Prepare Matcha Tea


How to Prepare Matcha Tea

Start to clear your mind of the day’s clutter, for a ceremony with almost a thousand years of history.

Now, How to Prepare Matcha Tea 

  1. Use your chashaku (the scoop) to place 2 scoops (about a gram) into your chawan tea bowl.
  2. Add a tiny bit (40ml) of hot (slightly steaming but never boiling) water – about the temperature of the hottest water from your tap to be precise, 70-80°C.                                                                                                                  Boiling water, at 100°C, will scald your tea, reducing the flavor and also all the health-giving properties of the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.                   
  3. Run your chasen (whisk) under hot water – this opens the bristles and softens them so the delicate bristles don’t break.
  4. Gently stir the barely-damp matcha into a paste.
  5. Add an extra 80-140 ml of hot water. Use your chasen (whisk) first in an I shape, front to back quickly, then, to smooth the big bubbles, in a W or M shape. (Rinse your chasen, let it air dry, and place in the kusenaoshi to keep the shape.)
  6. Although tradition has us drink ceremonial matcha alone, do add milk if you prefer the taste.

Breathe in the scent, the tang, the clarity of pure matcha.

How to Prepare Matcha Tea?

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