DIY Matcha Green Tea Sugar Body Scrub

DIY matcha green tea sugar body scrub is a recipe that must be in your collection.

Spring is around the corner, and winter certainly makes your skin dryer than usual. Just like it happens after summer. So, this recipe is great for any season of the year.

That’s why exfoliating your skin is a great idea! Sugar body scrubs are an amazing way to exfoliate your skin!

DIY Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub Body - Matcha Oishii

Sugar body scrubs aid to keep your skin healthy by removing dead skin cells, lift away dirt and remove excess oil from your skin.

Adding Matcha powder to your sugar scrub makes it even more powerful, as matcha promotes elastin on your skin, removes redness and inflammation.

That’s why making a DIY matcha green tea sugar body scrub is a fantastic idea this time of the year! And the best is that you can use this recipe throughout the month, because you will have enough to use it several times, or even to share some.

DIY Matcha Green Tea Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

Servings: several servings depending on how you use it

Prep time: 5 min

Total time: 5 min 


1 cup sugar of your choice, brown sugar works best

1/4 cup coconut oil

Optionally add lavender essential oil, or your preferred scented oil

1 tsp organic Matcha Oishii powder

Get your Matcha for this recipe here!




Mix all ingredients well, make sure that the matcha powder is really well incorporated with the rest of the ingredients. 

Save your DIY matcha green tea sugar body scrub in a glass container.

DIY Matcha Sugar Scrub Body - Matcha Oishii

Whenever you are ready to use your matcha body scrub, apply a small amount to your skin and scrub gently, for a couple of minutes. It is best to apply the matcha sugar scrub to a smaller area, and then move to different areas, and repeat the same procedure. 

Rinse well, making sure you remove all of the matcha green tea sugar scrub from your skin.

This DIY matcha green tea sugar body scrub leaves your skin really soft, and rejuvenated. 

Now, it's time to grab a nice matcha latte or simply a nice cup of matcha tea to pamper yourself even more!

Matcha Sugar Scrub Recipe - Matcha Oishii