Matcha Affogato

Matcha affogato ... This time we have given a spin to a favorite italian classic, the much loved affogato, which basically consists traditionally of vanilla gelato and a shot of espresso coffee. 

We could not resist to top some creamy vanilla ice cream with our bright green Matcha to make matcha affogato a summer favorite.

Is it not great to enjoy a cold treat during a hot day?! That’s why we’re sharing this amazing matcha recipe with you to use your Matcha Oishii powder and cool down during these warm and sunny days!

The best? Super quick and easy to prepare!

 Matcha Affogato - Matcha Oishii


Servings:  1

Prep time: 2 min                                                                                            

Total time: 2  


2 tsp Matcha Oishii powder 

3 cups Vanilla Ice cream, or your favorite ice cream, vegan works great too 

30ml Water

Get your Matcha powder for this recipe here!



1. Start by dissolving 2 tsp of Matcha Oishii powder with 30 ml of water.

2. Make a thick yet runny matcha paste. You can whisk the matcha powder with the bamboo whisk or simply mix it with an electric mixer. The key is to leave the matcha powder super smooth and without any lumps, and it must be able to drip over the ice cream.

3. Pour the matcha on top of your favorite ice cream and enjoy the best matcha affogato recipe during a hot day!

Matcha Affogato Recipe - Matcha Oishii

Have you tried matcha affogato before? it is delicious!