Matcha Tiramisu Matchamisu No Bake

Matcha tiramisu matchamisu no bake is probably one of the most delicious matcha recipes that we have created so far, it really is spectacular.

The best about this matchamisu is that it requires zero baking skills, it requires no baking, and it takes less than 10 minutes to make it. So you will be having an amazing matcha tiramisu in just about an hour after refrigeration!

There are so many ways for you to use matcha powder in your daily routine! Not just to grab its amazing health benefits, like sustained energy, young skin, anti-aging, antioxidant rich, immune system booster, detox but because high quality matcha powder is delicious too.

Matcha Tiramisu Matchamisu No Bake - Matcha Oishii

Check our many recipes on our Matcha Recipe Blog! You can add matcha powder to your smoothies, yogurt, bake with it on desserts, use it for snacks or multiple other recipes.

That said, matcha tiramisu is at the top of our skills because it is a matcha no bake dessert, it is an easy matcha dessert and this matchamisu comes not just delicious but also gorgeous, so you can share it too. 


Servings:  6 

Prep time:   10 min                                                                                            

Total time:  1 hour 10 min with refrigeration time


For the lady finger cookies

1 Cup Water
1 Pack Lady Finger Cookies
25 ml Sake (optional)
1 Tbsp organic Matcha Oishii powder

For the cream

100gr mascarpone
100gr heavy cream
1 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp organic Matcha Oishii powder

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Start by preparing the liquid mixture for the lady fingers.

For this, add your matcha powder to a bowl, then add just a bit of water and make a thick matcha paste, until the powder is well dissolved. Then add the rest of the water and mix again, until the powder is completely dissolved.

*Then add the sake, this is optional. You can decide to skip this step if you do not wish to have alcohol on your dessert. 

Reserve liquid mixture. 

Then, prepare the matcha tiramisu cream. For this, start by adding the mascarpone to a bowl, then pour in the heavy cream, add the sugar, and at last add the matcha powder. It is best to sift the matcha powder to not have any lumps in the cream. 

Mix all of these ingredients with a hand or stand mixer until you form stiff peaks and the cream is fluffy and consistent. 

Now comes the fun part!

Start to assemble your matcha tiramisu no bake! You will do this by soaking 2 lady finger cookies at a time in the matcha liquid mix, you need the cookies to be soft, but make sure not to leave the cookies in for too long as otherwise they will start to disintegrate in the liquid mix.

Grab the matcha soaked lady finger cookies and start to accommodate them in a squared or rectangular shaped mold, preferably cristal, as it will look nicer.

You will start to layer. One layer of matcha soaked lady finger cookies, and one of matcha cream. Continue until you run out of cream. Make sure you finish with the cream, not the cookies. You can use a piping bag to apply the cream or simply a spatula. 

Finally, sprinkle your matcha tiramisu with matcha powder by sifting the powder on top of the prepared matchamisu. 

Refrigerate the matcha tiramisu for at least one hour.

Enjoy, you can top with fresh strawberries when you serve or any other berries.

Matcha Tiramisu No Bake - Matcha Oishii

We are sure you will love this matcha tiramisu matchamisu no bake as much as we do!