Sakura Latte

Sakura latte is one of our favorite drinks during Spring, it not only is pretty to look at but it tastes delicious. Sakura powder is awesome to make iced and hot sakura lattes and many other creations, and it is an amazing way to homage Spring, live its impermanence and enjoy it while it lasts.

How to prepare a sakura latte? Well, to be honest it is quite easy. The most important thing is to have the sakura cherry blossom powder, as that is what will give it its pretty pink color and its amazing refreshing flavor. Other than that, it is quite easy and quick.

Did you know that sakura cherry blossom is loaded with vitamin A and other minerals and vitamins which boost health? Sakura is particularly great for the skin. So, every time you are sipping sakura latte, you are doing something good for your skin.

Sakura Latte - Matcha Oishii



Servings:  1 

Prep time:   3 min                                                                                            

Total time:  3 min


50ml water, preferably hot

200ml milk

1 tsp vanilla syrup or sweetener of your choice

ice cubes (optional, if you want an iced sakura latte)

2 tsp Sakura Cherry Blossom Powder by Matcha Oishii

Get your Sakura powder for this recipe here! 



1. Start by preparing the sakura powder that you will pour into the milk later, and reserve. For this, grab the sakura cherry blossom powder and pour it into a mug, cup, chawan or your favorite, and add the water, mix it with a whisk, spoon, electric mixer until it is well dissolved. Sakura powder dissolves easily, but make sure not to leave any lumps.

2. Grab a cup and warm up some milk, or if you want a cold sakura latte, simply pour in your favorite milk, add the sweetener if you want it to have a sweeter taste. 

3. Now, pour in the previously prepared sakura on top of the milk, and watch it become sakura latte.

4. You can add some milk foam on top, or ice cubes if you prefer an iced sakura latte instead.

Sakura Latte Recipe - Matcha Oishii

Sakura latte is fantastic to drink during anytime of the day, and don't forget to raise your glass and cheer to Spring!