Matcha Chocolate Bar
Matcha Chocolate Bar

Matcha Chocolate Bar

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  • Matcha White Chocolate Bar - 100gr

A pairing made in heaven, matcha chocolate! Deliciously creamy white chocolate infused with premium matcha green tea from our very own Organic Matcha Oishii!

While this luxurious matcha chocolate treat is packed with antioxidants, with the subtle flavor of our organic Matcha Oishii, people will have trouble believing it’s healthy.

Matcha Oishii's White Chocolate Bar is artisanally-handcrafted by a chocolatier in The Netherlands with the very best French chocolate, Valrhonas.

A true gift for your soul... matcha chocolate! The finest Matcha straight from the tea fields in Uji, Japan, mixed with top French chocolate. 

Comes in an elegant black box!

This matcha green tea chocolate bar will take your taste buds to Matcha heaven!