Matcha Increases Energy

Does Matcha Tea Give Me Energy?

That is a question that we get constantly, and the answer is yes! Matcha tea gives you energy. That is why matcha tea was used in Japan by Samurai warriors to boost their energy just before a battle. 

Matcha green tea has been consumed by Japanese monks for almost a thousand years and used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. But, although known less, Samurai Warriors also drank matcha tea. Samurai warriors realized that drinking matcha increases energy and mental focus. Thus, they started to drink matcha to get energy and prepare mentally for their battles, but also to fill up with matcha's sustained long-lasting energy which would enhance their physical endurance.

Not only matcha increases energy, but not in vain has matcha green tea been named by many, Japan's elixir, for giving your body what many call matcha happy energy. Referring to the health benefits of matcha and specifically to matcha's ability to boost physical energy while at the same time promoting mental concentration and a sharp mind. 

Matcha Gives You Energy - Matcha Oishii

Why Does Matcha Tea Give You Energy? 

Matcha green tea is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants - in fact, it is the food that has the most antioxidants in the world. That's why many people consume matcha green tea powder, but let's be honest, sometimes you really need a "pick me up", and that is why some people turn to coffee or energy drinks, but the truth is that matcha is a fantastic source of energy, much better than coffee or an energy drink because matcha tea does not give you jitters and matcha increases energy.  

Does Matcha Tea Contain Caffeine?

Matcha tea contains caffeine like all green tea does. Approximately half of what coffee does, yet, it is not because of this that you get energy with matcha. L-theanine, a rich amino acid present in matcha green tea is what helps your body avoid the jitteriness that coffee does give you. 

Actually, it is thanks to L-theanine in matcha green tea powder that your mind becomes sharp and that matcha increases energy in your body! As when you drink or eat matcha green tea powder, your focus and concentration will improve too! Just imagine! Enhanced physical endurance and sustained-long lasting energy, while at the same time relaxing your mind?! That is why matcha is so celebrated in Japan!


Matcha increases energy by delivering caffeine slowly to your body and in a much healthier way than coffee or energy drinks. This happens mainly because, L-theanine smooths the effect of caffeine alone, but also because, in comparison to coffee which is acidic, matcha green tea is alkaline, so your body metabolizes the energy much more slowly and therefore matcha gives you sustained long-lasting energy during the day. Matcha energy will be absorbed and released slowly by your body! 

Matcha Promotes Concentration - Matcha Oishii


If you have not experienced the health benefits of matcha green tea yet, please picture this, because it does happen! Opposite to the caffeinated buzz from coffee or energy drinks, matcha increases energy gently while promoting a state of calm alertness, this thanks to the L-theanine. No wonder Japanese Samurai warriors were able to be physically active while at the same time mentally sharp! In fact, Japanese students drink matcha tea before their tests and several athletes rely on matcha to boost their performance! 

The best part?! It is all-natural Matcha! Just green tea leaves, powdered and farmed in a unique way. 


So, now that you know another of the health benefits of matcha, you can dive into our recipes to start eating or drinking our pure Uji matcha, and... get your day going the right way!