Hojicha Latte

Hojicha latte is an easy and delicious tea to prepare at home, hojicha powder dissolves quickly and is super low in caffeine, making hojicha latte perfect also for a relaxing evening.

Hojicha or houjicha means roasted tea, that is because it is green tea that has been roasted and that is exactly why houjicha is so low in caffeine, because the roasting process takes away most of it. Also, roasting the green tea leaves make hojicha become brown, instead of staying green.

The next time you wonder why is hojicha brown? Well, that is simply because it means that the green tea leaves have been roasted. First, they are steamed but then roasted to acquire a very unique taste.

What does hojicha taste like? Hojicha tastes definitely delicious, you can feel the roasted part of the leaves, kind of when you taste roasted coffee beans. Matcha Oishii's hojicha powder has cacao like notes and a clear natural sweetness.

People that are trying to cut back on caffeine or trying to find a coffee replacement, often switch to hojicha because of the flavor profile similarity, that given the roasted part of the green tea leaves.

The health benefits of hojicha are numerous too, being a powerful antioxidant, detoxing the body, calming the mind, are just some of the incredible health benefits of hojicha powder.

You can consume hojicha powder in many hojicha recipes but how to make a hojicha latte at home is actually very easy and quick! So, here's the best hojicha latte recipe.

Hojicha Latte - Matcha Oishii



Servings:  1

Prep time:   2 min                                                                                            

Total time: 2 min


180ml Regular milk or your favorite plant based milk, we love oatmilk

50ml Water 

1 tsp Organic Hojicha powder by Matcha Oishii

1/2 to 1 tsp Agave Syrup or your favorite Sweetener

Ice Cubes

Get your Hojicha for this recipe here!



1. The key is to make the hojicha tea first with the hojicha powder.

2. Add the houjicha powder to your favorite cup or chawan tea bowl and then pour in the 50ml water, the ideal temperature for the water should be around 70-80°C, or simply turn off your kettle before it boils, just when it starts to steam. 

3. To mix the houjicha powder, we recommend using an electric mixer, bamboo whisk, or simply a spoon will do too. 

Matcha Oishii's houjicha powder dissolves very well, so that won't be an issue.

4. Make sure that the hojicha powder is completely dissolved before pouring in the milk for the hojicha latte. 

8. You can add a few ice cubes to your cup if you want an iced hojicha latte, or warm up the milk of your choice if you want a hot hojicha latte.

9. Then, simply pour in the prepared hojicha tea into the milk and enjoy the best hojicha latte.

10. You can optionally add some agave syrup or your favorite sweetener if you want to have an even sweeter taste.

You can always add whipped cream and chocolate chips on top to make this hojicha latte even more delicious.