Halloween Matcha Spooky Cupcakes

Halloween matcha spooky cupcakes are perfect if you are looking for a last minute halloween easy recipe to spook your guests.

These halloween matcha spooky cupcakes are super easy to make and they turn out great. You can make your own cupcake (vanilla, chocolate or even matcha cupcake too), or you can simply buy the cupcakes at your favorite shop if you are in a rush. What matters is the matcha buttercream and the spooky halloween decoration for your halloween cupcake.

Once you have the cupcakes, the matcha buttercream is super easy and quick, it takes just seconds to make it. Then, simply decorate your halloween matcha spooky cupcakes.

The best? this matcha buttercream recipe just uses 4 ingredients and it can be made vegan too! So, these can be vegan halloween cupcakes as well!

The bright green color of Matcha Oishii matcha powder will make your cupcake look spooky and taste delicious too.

Halloween Matcha Spooky Cupcakes - Matcha Oishii



Servings:  8

Prep time:   5 min                                                                                            

Total time: 10 min with decorating


For the Matcha Buttercream:

1 cup powdered sugar

150gr Softened Butter or Margarine to make it vegan

2 Tbsp coconut milk

Pinch of salt

1 Tbsp organic Matcha Oishii powder

Get your Matcha for this recipe here!



1. You can make your own cupcakes and have them ready to decorate, or simply get them at your favorite shop.

2. Once you have the cupcakes ready, it is time to make the spooky halloween matcha cupcakes.

3. Make sure that the butter is softened before you mix it with the powdered sugar. Add the powdered sugar little by little in and mix it in low speed with a hand mixer. 

4. Continue to add the rest of the ingredients, coconut milk, salt, and the organic Matcha powder. Mix this for about 30 seconds in medium speed.

5. Now that your matcha buttercream is ready, it is time to decorate the halloween matcha spooky cupcakes. So, top the cupcake with some of the matcha buttercream, and spread it around the top part of the cupcake.

6. Continue to add chocolate sprinkles to your halloween matcha cupcake.

7. Don't forget the eyes.

8. Feel free to add red stitches with icing, or anything that makes your halloween matcha spooky cupcakes look truly spooky!

9. Let them rest for a few minutes before eating. 

You can pair this along a spooky halloween matcha latte to make the perfect halloween matcha party!

Vegan Halloween Matcha Spooky Cupcakes - Matcha Oishii

Your halloween matcha spooky cupcakes are ready! We bet everyone will love these, including yourself.