Sakura Bubble Tea Cherry Blossom Latte

Sakura bubble tea cherry blossom latte is a delicious and pretty drink to enjoy with or without ice cubes. Perfect for a warm day or simply to enjoy during the afternoon or relax during the evening. 

To be honest, sakura cherry blossom latte is already amazing by itself! The taste of the sakura cherry blossom powder goes great together with milk. But, when you add a favorite Taiwanese delight (boba or tapioca pearls) this hits all notes in the scale of deliciousness. 

Sakura bubble tea is perfect for a warm day with ice cubes and if you’re a bubble tea fan this cherry blossom latte with tapioca pearls is perfect for you! We are sure you will love it. 

Sakura cherry blossom powder is super flavorful and will make this bubble tea taste delicious!

The recipe is not complicated, and your sakura bubble tea cherry blossom latte will look pretty and taste great.

Sakura Bubble Tea Cherry Blossom Latte - Matcha Oishii


Servings:  1 

Prep time:   10 min                                                                                            

Total time:  10 min


½ cup medium black tapioca pearls (50 g)

50ml water, preferably hot

200ml milk

ice cubes (optional, if you want an iced sakura bubble tea cherry blossom latte)

1 tsp vanilla syrup or your favorite sweetener (agave, maple or your favorite)

2 tsp Sakura Cherry Blossom Powder by Matcha Oishii

Get your Sakura powder for this recipe here! 



1. Start by preparing the boba or tapioca pearls as it says in the instructions of its package. Reserve.

2. Time to prepare the sakura cherry blossom tea. Add the powder to a cup and mix with the water until the sakura powder is well dissolved. It always works best when you dissolve it with hot water, and little by little (meaning, adding the water slowly and mixing it, so it dissolves really well).

3. Time to prepare the delicious sakura bubble tea drink! 

4. In your favorite cup, serve tapioca pearls first.

5. Then add the ice cubes (if you want an iced sakura latte bubble tea).

6. Add the vanilla syrup or your favorite sweetener.

7. Lastly, pour in the sakura tea that you had already prepared. 

Sakura Bubble Tea Recipe - Matcha Oishii

Don't forget to drink this delicious sakura bubble tea cherry blossom latte with a wide boba straw so you can drink the tapioca pearls. If you do not have one, you can always eat them with a spoon.