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Organic Hojicha Powder and Matcha Set

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  • This organic hoijicha powder and matcha set is the perfect pair, and the best way to add variety to your tea routine. While our matcha is the perfect way to start the day and keep active, our houjicha will nourish and relax your afternoon with soothing, sweet and nutty goodness.

This Premium Organic Hojicha Powder and Matcha Set

  • A 70 gr package of our Houjicha Powder: Hojicha, or roasted green tea, is naturally low in caffeine, making it perfect for any time of the day. With a delicious and balanced nutty sweet flavor, with hints of caramel and cocoa notes. Just like our matcha, houjicha is great for lattes or to add to smoothies, healthy snacks and baked goods.

 Choose Your Matcha:

  • 30gr tin of our Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha: hand-picked from the first harvest, straw-shaded from the oldest tea plants, with natural sweetness and perfectly balanced with a nice umami. Perfect to drink just with water, without any of the bitterness of lower-quality matcha. Ideal for drinking with water.


  • A 100gr resealable bag of our Premium Organic Classic Grade Matcha: A true gift for any matcha lover and your best ally in the kitchen! Fully-bodied flavor with a light hint of sweetness. Intended for cooking and baking. Great for mixing in your culinary matcha creations or to make matcha lattes.
  •  Detailed instructions for how to prepare your tea

 Product details: 

  • Made in Uji, Japan, the birthplace of Matcha and Hojicha
  • Farm direct
  • Organically grown with no preservatives, sugar, or additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Calorie-free


This Hojicha Matcha Gift Set is perfect because it covers your mornings and afternoons with the perfect tea varieties for any time! Perfect to make the most delicious matcha houjicha recipes!