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Cherry Blossom Powder and Matcha Set - Matcha Oishii
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Sakura Matcha Latte - Matcha Oishii
Sakura and Matcha Set - Matcha Oishii
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Cherry Blossom Powder and Matcha Set

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This Cherry Blossom Powder and Matcha Set is the perfect way to taste our most delicious offerings. They are a wonderful addition to your tea ritual or as a gift for a loved one. Limited time only!

This organic Cherry Blossom + Matcha set includes

  • A 100 gr bag of our Premium Organic Classic Grade Matcha: Our organic matcha has a lightly sweet and fresh flavor, perfect for the best matcha lattes or to mix in your favorite recipes.  

  • A 50 gr package of our Cherry Blossom Powder: Sakura Cherry Blossom is a beautiful Japanese tradition recalling Spring. The lightly floral flavor is a delicious and healthy addition to teas, lattes, baked goods and more! Perfect to mix with simply anything, milk, yoghurt, cookies, pancakes, muffins, etc.

  • Includes instructions on how to prepare the perfect Matcha

  • Product details: 

    • Made in Japan
    • Organically grown with no preservatives, sugar, or additives
    • Non-GMO

    This gift set is perfect because it has the most delicious Cherry Blossom Powder and Matcha to delight your taste buds and give a healthy boost to your day.