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Hojicha Powder Organic Premium

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Our premium organic houjicha powder is the perfect addition to your routine that will allow you to relax and enjoy all the goodness of green tea with just a touch of caffeine. 

What is Hojicha? 

Hojicha (also spelled as hōjicha, hōujicha or houjicha) is roasted green tea that is very low in caffeine and Japanese people have been consuming this nutricious and healthy drink for over 100 years.

Our premium organic hojicha tea comes directly from a family farm in Uji, just like its birthplace in Japan, and is handpicked, steamed, kneaded, shaped, and finally roasted to perfection, giving you a deliciously balanced and sweet, rich and nutty flavor with cocoa notes. Simply, the very best Hojicha available in Japan.

We then stone-mill it to a fine powder, to give you the perfect hojicha tea, latte or delicious, healthy addition to your smoothie, chia pudding, yogurt or baked goods. 

Hojicha is simply pure green tea leaves that have been carefully roasted to develop a nutty, chocolate like flavor. Perfect alternative to coffee and ideal for a relaxing evening moment. Delicious as tea, in hojicha lattes, baked goods and every day recipes.

Our hojicha powder is of the highest quality and there's no fancy knowledge or equipment needed to make the perfect hojicha tea or latte, just grab a spoonful of houjicha powder and stir into warm water, mix or then add milk. Alternatively, simply put the hojicha powder in your travel mug and shake. 

  • 100% roasted premium organic green tea powder
  • Farm direct from Uji, Japan, its birthplace
  • 70gr resealable package (up to 70 servings)
  • Organically grown with no preservatives, additives, or sweeteners, no other ingredients, just 100% roasted green tea 
  • Non-GMO
  • Calorie-free

Why you’ll love it:

  • Rich, nutty flavor with chocolate, earthy notes and natural sweetness
  • No bitter taste
  • Naturally very low in caffeine and rich in L-theanine
  • It’s a very relaxing drink, perfect for any time of the day
  • Nutrient and antioxidant-rich


  • Make the most delicious houjicha tea or latte in just seconds
  • Replace your espresso latte with a rich, yet relaxing hojicha latte 
  • Blend into baked goods for a nutty, caramel sweet flavor. It’s a perfect addition to any healthy snack like smoothies, nice creams, yogurt bowls, energy balls or chia pudding!
  • Hot & iced hojicha tea and latte 
  • Ideal to incorporate in your daily routine and enjoy its benefits! Simply add to your favorite recipes, as it pairs well with foods!

 Learn how to make Hojicha Latte here

Note that while houjicha is a green tea, due to the roasting process the color of the tea is actually an amber brown.